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Angelino ai Fori Menu

Fritto Romano
Salt-cod & squash blossom with mozzarella and anchovies fried
€ 9,20

Fresh cheese “Burrata”, grain of pistach, grilled tomatoes
€ 9,00

Anchovies and Buffalo mozzarella
Buffalo mozzarella dop (125gr) with anchovies from the cantabrian sea (50gr) “Nardìn”
€ 18,80

Marinated anchovies
Marinated anchovies from the tyrrhenian sea
€ 12,00

Eggplants and zucchini fried
€ 8,20

Salmon, truffle and buffalo stracciatella
Fresh cheese “Stracciatella di Burrata” with home-made smoked salmon and black truffle pearls
€ 12,00

Platter of cold cuts and cheeses
with salted almonds and green olives (for 2)
€ 26,80

Ham and melon
Parma ham “sant’ilario” 24 months dop with melon
€ 14,00

Starter of the garden
Selection of vegetables in olive oil “Ditta Agnoni” and buffalo mozzarella DOP
€ 9,80

Ham and burrata
Parma ham “Sant’Ilario” 24 months dop with fresh cheese “Burrata”
€ 16,80

Bresaola Carpaccio
Cured raw beef with cheese “Parmigiano 24 Months Dop” and rocket salad
€ 14,00

Buffalo mozzarella and salmon
Buffalo mozzarella dop with smoked faer oer salmon longino&Cardenal selection
€ 14,00

Bruschetta with creamed salt-cod
and black truffle in EVO oil
€ 12,80

Saute of mussels
with fresh San Marzano tomato
€ 12,00

Soutè of clams
€ 18,00

Beef fillet tartare with egg
Beef fillet tartare with capers, onion, egg yolk, parsley, lemon, extra virgin olive oil, salt and black pepper
€ 16,80

Beef fillet tartare with oil and salt
Beef fillet tartare with evo oil and Maldon salt
€ 16,80

Beef fillet tartare with anchovie
capers and mayonnaise with taggiasche olivese
€ 16,80

Raw tyrrhenian scampo
€ 4,00 (al pz)

Raw sicilian red prawn
€ 4,50 (al pz)

Salmon tartare with mango
€ 16,80

Tartare di spigola
Sea bass tartare with strawberry
€ 16,80

Great raw fish from Angelino
Salmon tartare and sea bass tartare, two red prawns, two scampi, two white prawns
€ 34,00

home-made durum wheat pasta extruded through bronze

Maccheroncelli all’Amatriciana of Angelino
Maccheroncelli with tomatoes, bacon and sheep’s cheese “Pecorino Romano DOP 30 mesi”
€ 14,80

Mezze maniche alla Carbonara di Angelino
Mezze maniche with egg, bacon, black pepper and cheese “Parmigiano 24 Mesi Dop”
€ 14,80

Tonnarelli alla Cacio e Pepe
Tonnarelli with black pepper and sheep’s cheese “Pecorino Romano DOP 30 mesi”
€ 14,80

Mezza maniche alla Gricia
Mezze maniche pasta with bacon, black pepper and cheese “Pecorino Romano DOP 30 mesi “
€ 14,80

Mezze maniche with ragout of “coda alla vaccinara”
€ 14,80

Maccheroncelli of “Nonna Augusta”
Maccheroncelli with tomatoes, butter and cheese “parmigiano 24 mesi dop”
€ 13,80

Tonnarelli allo “Scoglio”
Tonnarelli with fresh tomato, scampi, prawns, squid, mussels and clams
€ 26,80

Tonnarelli in a clam sauce with parsley
€ 18,00

Lasagnetta di Angelino
Home-made lasagna with beef ragout, besciamella and cheese “parmigiano 24 mesi dop”
€ 14,80

Maccheroncelli with light pesto of basil,
pine nuts and pistachios with confit datterino tomato
€ 15,80

First choice meat selected by the “antica macelleria annibale” in rome and first choice fresh fish from “mar mediterraneo”

Capriccio di Mare
Assortment of sautéed seafood, squids, shrimps
€ 20,80

Veal escalope cooked with ham, sage and white wine
€ 20,80

Abbacchio alla Scottadito
Tradiotional baby spring lamb alla “scottadito”
€ 24,00

Pollo alla Romana di Angelino
Thigh and over thigh of chicken breaked in a pan with yellow and red peppers
€ 20,80

Grilled fillet of beef with roast potatoes
€ 26,00

Fillet of beef with black pepper
mustard, milk cream, Italian brandy
€ 28,00

Straccetti di manzo
Strips of beef with rucola and parmesan flakes
€ 22,80

300 gr Scampi and prawns grilled
€ 32,00

500 gr Scampi and prawns grilled
€ 52,00

Mediterraneo Fried
Squids, shrimps & Anchovies fried
€ 18,80

Gran piatto alla disperata
Scampi and prawns in a spicy white sauce
€ 34,00

Sea bass fillet
Sea bass fillet from orbetello with fresh tomato, red onion, capers, black olives and pine nuts
€ 26,80

Grilled fish
Salt-cod, prawns, scampi and squids grilled
€ 28,00

Norwegian salmon
Fresh norwegian salmon smoked in house with asparagus and black truffles mayonnaise
€ 24,00

Eggs & Salmon
Two scrambled eggs with smoked faer oer salmon longino&cardenal selection
€ 14,80

Salmon salad
Smoked faer oer salmon longino&cardenal selection salad with pine nuts, raisins, sesame seeds and fennel
€ 18,80

Caprese Salad
With buffalo mozzarella, “costoluto” tomatoes, basil and oregano
€ 14,00

Orange and Fannel salad
with “tarocco” orange, fennel, black sesame, pine nuts and sultana grapes
€ 18,80

Tuna salad “Ditta Sardanelli”
Tuna fish in olive oil “Ditta Sardanelli” salad, costoluto tomatoes, red onions and olives
€ 14,00

Roast potatoes
€ 6,00

Assorted grilled vegetables
€ 10,00

Spinach with butter and cheese
“parmigiano 24 mesi dop”
€ 8,00

Fried potatoes
€ 6,00

Sautéed chicory
€ 7,20

Pizza Margherita
Tomato, “Fior di Latte” mozzarella, basil
€ 9,00

Pizza Margherita dop
Tomato, buffalo mozzarella dop, basil
€ 12,00

Pizza Diavola
Tomato, mozzarella, black olives, “Marca Vaticano Balistrieri” anchovies, spicy salami
€ 16,00

Pizza Parma Dop ham and mushrooms
Buffalo mozzarella dop, mushrooms, parma ham “Sant’Ilario” 24 months dop
€ 18,00

Pizza “dell’Angelo”
Zucchini flowers, artichokes, “fior di latte” mozzarella, “Marca Vaticano Balistrieri” anchovies, mushrooms, cheese “pecorino romano dop 30 mesi”
€ 14,80

Pizza “Poppea”
Fresh tomato, buffalo mozzarella dop, basil
€ 14,80

Pizza Cured raw beef
Cured raw beef, “Fior di Latte” mozzarella, cheese “parmigiano 24 mesi dop”, rocket salad
€ 18,00

Focaccia Saporita “Caprese”
Tasty focaccia “Caprese” with fresh tomato, buffalo mozzarella dop, basil
€ 12,00

Focaccia Saporita “Caprese e Parma”
Tasty focaccia “Caprese e Parma” with fresh tomato, buffalo mozzarella dop, parma ham “Sant’Ilario” 24 months dop, basil
€ 18,00

Focaccia Saporita with Salmon
Tasty focaccia with smoked faer oer salmon Longino&Cardenal selection, fresh cheese “stracciatella di burrata, rocket salad, black sesame
€ 20,80

Focaccia Saporita with Anchovies
Tasty focaccia with “Marca Vaticano Balistrieri” anchovies, fresh cheese “stracciatella di burrata”, rocket salad, red onion
€ 16,00

Focaccia Saporita with Porcini mushrooms
with Dop buffalo and Porcini mushrooms
€ 16,00